The FACEiT Project

What is the FACEiT Project you may ask. Well, pull up a chair, camp stool or log, and I’ll tell you. It’s an idea I woke up with in the middle of the night. This seems to happen quite regularly to me for some reason. Anyway, back to what this project is about.




Here goes. Since I will be covering an extensive portion of the United States on this ride and I have a background in photography, advertising and graphic design, so why not take portraits of as many Colorectal Cancer, FAP and Desmoid Tumor Survivors as possible along the way? Picture it, a large collection of portraits of these amazing/inspiring survivors and their stories. This definitely has the makings for a book or PSA in the future.

These portraits will be taken at colon cancer, FAP and desmoid tumor events around the US and anywhere in between, well, almost anywhere. Heck, below is a map that shows the locations, dates and route that I will be taking. If you are a colon cancer survivor and are located along the route, feel free to message me below. If timing and schedules jive, you can be part of the FACEiT Project, you survivor you.


2013 BIKE X



Attention Survivors: If you would like to have your face and story captured for the FACEiT Project, shoot me an email below. I very much look forward to hearing from you.