Last week I made plans with this lovely woman Arlene. She used to be Quinn’s daycare teacher before he started school. We stayed in touch and I visit her every now and then. So the day comes when I am supposed to be at her house. I get a call from her and I apologize. I forgot. Something else is going on and I can’t make it.

So I make plans for a few days later. Same thing happens, so I make plans for Monday morning. I write it down so I don’t forget. It’s on the calendar. Meanwhile I was supposed to get blood work done during this time to see if my chemo has affected my program and Rapamune levels (immunosuppressive meds to keep my transplanted intestines alive and well). I forgot to go the whole week.

Monday rolls around and I realize that Tuesday I am busy and can’t do blood work, and Wednesday we are leaving for Hershey Park, so Monday is the only day. After blood work I went grocery shopping for our trip. Who calls me but Arlene wondering what happened. I felt so bad. I admitted to her that I forgot, yet again. So I told her once the boys re back at school I’ll call her and set a date.

Hopefully, I am able to come through the next time.