While my dad was fighting for his life, I was experiencing an internal struggle of my own. Coming to terms with the fact that my father was being taken from me. That coupled with knowing there was strong chance that I had the very same hereditary disease responsible for taking my dad. I was having a very difficult time expressing how sad, angry and scared I was to my mom, or anybody else for that matter.

This section is for kids. It is a place for kiddos to talk about how they feel growing up in a family that has been impacted by colon cancer, Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP) or desmoid tumors. Or all three for that matter.

Kids, it’s your turn to tell the world how you feel. It can be your written story, a drawing, a photograph, a video, an audio recording or any other way you feel most comfortable sharing. Well, almost any other way.

If you are such a kiddo, and would like to share how you feel here, please send us a note at