Mets to liver and thyroid.

Still receiving Chemo treatments.

Had Abdominoperineal Resection – had 13 inches of colon removed starting from anus.


 Had Radiation Treatment to liver and anus.

Thought I had gall stones so did liver flush twice. Saw doctor in Jan 2011. Get the idea that doctor is poo-poohing me. Asked for Colonscopy, Doctor said I was too young.

6 months later, pain came back with vengeance and saw dr again. He ordered blood test, saw the results,  and then referred me to Oncologist. Much too late.


Bleeding stools, sudden weight loss, along with colon cancer history from my dad. (Still alive due to caught at stage 1. He only had surgery – no chemos or radiation.  86 years young now)


Still taking chemo – suspect will continue taking chemo. Doing exercises to manage – (Boot camp 3x a week one hour sessions).  Change in lifestyle eating – no more fried fast food, ate more vegetables, and juicing at least 3 times a week.


Get support wherever you can, do not FEAR to ask or seek for help – or demand for one if it comes to that.