I am mom of two children here… 11 yr old daughter, 9 yr old son… My first daughter would be 12 now but she passed away as an infant at 2 days old from a GBM… Glioblastoma multiforme… Massive brain tumor in her front lobe… My little Angel Sage Cathryn.

Well the Drs. said don’t worry you’ll never get cancer!

Oh so not a smart thing to say… Let’s flash back to Aug 2012.

I had been experiencing some horrific lower back pain for months! I get every test, blood work, you name Dr. at that time & no longer… recommended I go see an orthopedic.

Something in side me said go for a colonoscopy!

But why?? I was 38 yrs young… No bleeding ever… No family that I ever knew that had it…

So I went 8/3/12. To a Dr. who had no chart on me & took me in on her day off… It was a Friday. Only to wake up & hear: YOU HAVE STAGE 4 COLORECTAL CANCER! That metastasized to my liver & many lymph nodes. I feel she was an angel as she had immediately put in calls to 2 surgeons… A colorectal surgeon & a liver surgeon at MSK in NYC.

My consultation was 8/13/12… my surgery were they removed part of my colon… Liver… & several lymph nodes was 8/22/12.

I then followed up with chemo for 6 months in CT at Smilow Cancer Hospital. It was the folfox with pump. Weekly for 3 days. I felt a sense of being lost when I was done. It felt if I were released from prison & had to learn how to live in society again. Well that feeling didn’t last long! A few weeks after being “released” I was right back in!!

The chemo didn’t work! I had new tumors in my liver…

So the joy of 2nd Line chemo with folfurri & the nasty erbitux began from which I had an ungodly rash with acne on my face. They tried for months to get it under control with some heavy antibiotics. I was last up to 4 a day before I quit!  I already had permanent neuropathy from the oxaliplatin from the 1st line of chemo. Well I continued this until my 2nd big surgery where they removed half of my liver… the left side. October 9, 2013.

Only to hear beforehand there was a node near my aorta that had been growing but it was too risky to go back there to remove with all the scar tissue I have.

So after that surgery I tried chemo again but decided to not continue as my fatigue was unbearable & I was so sick. April 9, 2014 I had a new surgeon at MSK who felt confident in going in to not just get what we thought was a node on the aorta but a cluster of them with another cluster in the lower aorta near stomach. Along with surprise!!!… New Tumor in my liver Once again! So this fabulous surgeon removed it all… So I was looking & feeling great this summer! He said it would be back & I soo wanted to prove him wrong!

I met a naturopath who recommended I try a Gluten, Dairy, & Sugar Free lifestyle.

So I Did! Wow!!! What a difference! Nausea… Something I faced daily with or without chemo… Gone!

Fatigue… Gone! I still continue this lifestyle… Not easy but worth it to me.

Well my follow up with my surgeon where I had another ct scan was 8/18/14. I went in this time smiling because I looked & felt great! Only to hear.. You have a large tumor on your liver!! What?!? First time ever I TRULY felt I was OK! Wow… Blindsided to say the least! Chemo had never worked for me… Surgery not the answer… Ablation? Too big for that… Tried doing organic & the lifestyle I mentioned which I know is helping me… Chemo they said they recommend & I choose which one! Avastin, irinotecan again!! Folfiri with pump. It’s been no joy but I pray for better news my next scan 1/5/15 in NYC.

This chemo has put me down physically & wears me mentally. I would Love to find an immunotherapy treatment I could go on. I have never questioned why this happened to me. I feel everything good or bad happens to us & we are to learn from them. I have to say that cancer has taught me a lot & surprisingly has helped me find my inner peace & made me find the mind body soul connection. This is imperative to learn while on this journey. I am a positive person who looks to continue learning & helping others on their journey.

All my best,

Anna Hutchinson


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December 5, 2014

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