The next leg of this 2014 ride fast approaches. This coming Thursday my journey to the UNDY 5000 5K in Marietta, GA begins. I will be shoving off bright and early Thursday morn from the Baltimore area where I have been staying during the eastern portion of the ride. A wonderful fellow sans colon friend and her family have welcomed me into their home and allowed me to set up base camp. Thank you so very much Beth, Dave, Colin, Gracie and Eric. You all are very much in my heart. Love you all.

The first stop on this leg will be a pit stop at Ducati Winchester/Duc Pond Motorsports to have a new rear tire mounted. I absolutely love this shop and the entire DW/DPM crew. Donnie and Julie, the owners, really have created a very special shop. Do yourself a favor and check them out. They have Ducati’s aplenty to very much tickle every single one of  your Duc fancies.

Next I will be visiting a very special colon cancer/Lynch Syndrome survivor in Rixeyville, VA. She has agreed to let me photograph her for 500UNDER50BEFORE50. Thank you so much Cindy for participating in the project. She also rides. Soooo me thinks some non-solo riding will be occurring. Cindy has also been gracious enough to let me camp out at her pad for the night. I’ll try my darnedest to leave the place the way I found it.

So I’ll be shoving off verrrrry early Friday morning to make it to my next stop along the way. I will be pulling my road show over  in Winston-Salem, NC to meet with and photograph a lovely colon cancer survivor whose name just so happens to be Lisa. Thank you Lisa for taking time out of your busy workday to meet me. I promise I won’t come between you and your desk for too long.

Annnnd next I will be stopping in China Grove, NC (hmmm, wonder if has anything to do with that Doobie Brothers tune?) to meet an incredible 16 year old who is a two time cancer survivor. Robert was first diagnosed with brain cancer at 3 years old, he was then diagnosed with colon cancer at 15. This guy has definitely been through the wringer in his 16 years. I cannot wait to roll up in front of his school and meet this impressive young man and his mother, Wendy. And perhaps I’ll get to meet some of his classmates as well. Click here for Robert and Wendy’s story.

Also, Wendy told me that Robert’s teacher’s mother was recently diagnosed with colon cancer. I look forward to connecting with teach as well.

Much thanks to my fellow advocate friend Carla for steering me in the direction of Robert.

From there I will be tearing down to Flowery Branch, GA to stay at Nancy The Caregiver Extraordinaire’s love den. She and her husband Mike  have been gracious enough to let me crash at their Shangri-Lala while I am in GAlandia. Nancy focuses her caregiving powers on Mike who has colon cancer. And from what I’ve heard, she does bang-up job at it. Some fffabulous colon cancer survivors and an ostomy expert will be parking their carcasses Nancy and Mike’s as well. I see a pillow fight ahead. Ha. :O

AAAAnd, Nancy and Mike ride. So I foresee YEEEEEEEHAW ahead.

Bright and early Saturday morning I will be making my way to the Colon Cancer Alliance’s UNDY 5000 5K in Marietta, GA. I’ve very much looking forward to this event. I am oh-so-proud to have the UNDY 5000 5K as a ride partner. If you’re in the Marietta area, please do yourself and the colorectal cancer cause a favor, stop by and partake in a truly fun and very relevant event. Click here to get an idea of what the UNDY 5000 5K is about. It will take you to my post about the UNDY 5000 in Denver that I partook in.

At some point while I’m in the Atlanta area, I want to connect with a very special desmoid tumor gal by the name of Anaya. She has such a glowing spirit and I cannot wait to see that smile of her’s in person.

Well, I have much to take care of before Thursday morning comes. So I am going to shove off now. Be prepared for photo-documentation aplenty of this next leg of the ride. It’s going to be a uh humdinger n then some.

Oh, and I want to tell you quickly about my tomorrow. I’m going to meeting with a fellow Familial Adenomatous Polyposis(FAP) patient and stage 3 colon cancer survivor  in Annapolis, MD. I always cherish meeting fellow FAP folks. Meghan, thank you so much for taking time out of your tomorrow to meet with me and for agreeing to participate in the FACEiT Project and 500UNDER50BEFORE50.


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